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  • 6 Things Sales Reps Say That Kill Deals

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    July 1, 2020 at 4:02 am
    • “You are wasting my time”. I don’t think this was meant to be said aloud, but many B-tier reps say and think this all the time. No. A prospect’s time is always valuable. Sales is there to serve. If sales was routed the wrong lead, that’s the company’s fault, not the prospect’s.
    • “Our product does [key feature]” — when it doesn’t. If I’m buying a product I haven’t used before, the AE is my guide. If he/she tells me things that aren’t true to close the deal, I’m out. I’m buying a solution. I need to know for real if it solves my problem — or not.
    • Constant bashing of competitors. Not only does that make the company look insecure — it makes me want to go test the competitor instead. Even worse (see prior point) is when they say something about a competitor that isn’t true.
    • Forcing me to talk to an SDR first. SDRs are great, but oftentimes SMBs don’t want to be qualified.  Personally, I want to try, use, and buy. I lose patience here and move to a vendor I can just deploy without being forced to talk to an SDR that just wants to force me to get on the phone and screen me but doesn’t get me going now.
    • Wrong / painful economic terms, even if price itself is OK. I’m basically an SMB these days. I don’t like annual contracts, and I especially don’t like being railroaded into enterprise-type contracts — multi-year with no outs. I don’t have patience for any contract that is so long it requires legal review. Let the buyer buy the way they want. And let especially SMBs out if you don’t deliver for them.
    • “I’m turning off your trial” — and other threats. Yes, you have to do that. But a sales rep needs to do it the right way. Threats don’t work. How about “Your trial is about to end — I can extend it a week if that helps? Let me know what I can do to help you get going with us!”. Then — I’m in.

    Source : https://www.saastr.com/6-things-sales-reps-say-that-kill-deals/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTnpJNU1UWTNOak5rTXpWaCIsInQiOiJ1eXM4M0VtMmVnOGhRMFRPY3AyU3FYWHZLdEM2eVZ6eUVwNmJ6cCttZHkzMnNuV21FdkpjWnh6RkNVYXhubWRMdFNiR1FkaHpoMEdJZVZINGJqdUtrYzlkWjByVjVEXC9mYlwvVnhjUUFkdUl

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