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  • Hacks To Host A Successful Webinar

  • akhilahuja

    October 27, 2020 at 1:41 pm

    Hosting a webinar provides you with an opportunity to directly connect with your audience, making the experience more personal. Except, webinars can go devastatingly wrong or astonishingly well — there’s no in-between.

    Having personally attended several webinars in the last few months myself, I’ve come to realize that hosting a successful webinar is a tough nut to crack. While some webinars left me feeling very inspired, motivated, and energetic, some others just made me wonder why I’d spent my time attending them in the first place.

    Regardless, if you’re looking for simple hacks to host a webinar that your audience will love, you’ve come to the right place.

    1. Pick a niche topic

    Before you proceed with the content that you’d previously planned upon, question if that content requires a webinar, to begin with. Does whatever you’re planning to offer to provide any value to the audience? If not, rethink.

    Focus on a very specific topic. By picking a niche pain point, it’s easier to attract an audience, and they’re more likely to attend. Do not try to teach everything about a broad topic. Choose a part of the topic and impart knowledge to the best of your ability.

    2. Choose the right platform

    A lot of video conferencing platforms have their own pros and cons to offer. Zoom is one of the most widely used platforms and is easily accessible. Recording a meeting in Zoom is definitely recommended. The Zoom recording can be later used to share with a larger audience so they can view it as well.

    Have a clear-cut understanding of the size of your attendees, and the features that you would require from the platform, and then opt for it.

    3. Start with a story and continue with a conversational tone

    Reading out from the PowerPoint presentation slide that you’ve designed and talked about the agenda is not a preferred way to start. Before going into the details, start by narrating a story. Build an emotional connection with the audience by sharing your story and showing them why you’re passionate about the topic you’ve chosen.

    And then, go on grabbing your audience’s attention by maintaining a conversational tone. Make the audience feel more engaged by asking the right questions, addressing them personally, and throwing in some humor.

    4. Assess the technical issues beforehand

    Create a checklist and have a dry run of the webinar beforehand. Is there enough light to make you visible? Is your microphone working? Are you loud and clear? Having a technical assistant helps in this regard too. Make sure you’re in a quiet room with no disturbances, and there’s enough light to not make the environment look gloomy. Furthermore, make sure that the internet connection you’re using is well-established and secured.

    5. Remember that it’s okay if things go wrong

    Sometimes, even after preparing a strong, informative slide-deck, promoting your webinar for quite some time, and setting up everything prior to the actual day, it’s possible that something may go wrong. No matter how much preparation has gone into hosting the webinar, there can always be one particular thing that may not necessarily work, and that’s okay. Coming to terms with this helps ease through the process.

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