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    July 1, 2020 at 4:38 am

    The Simple Way To Close

    You’re looking for an answer, no one has given you a solid one. Here’s the answer.

    The goal is to never walk away from a sit or phone call with a smile on your face and a prospect that “Might Go Through With it”.

    You don’t want interest, You want answers.

    1. When someone says let me think about it or I’ll get back to you,
    2. There is an under lying reason for it, some concern you haven’t satisfied.
    3. Don’t waste time trying to convince someone on a hunch, you must know exactly what the issue is so that you can address it.
    4. Most over the phone salesmen for instance absolutely hate getting a mad customer. They take it personally and try to prove themselves to be nice People. If you are trying to convince anyone to be your friend, you are going to take things personally. They are no longer rejecting your service or product, but they are now rejecting you as a person.
    5. The prepared sales professional loves objections because they can be resolved. He knows the pattern of the sale.
    6. If you don’t have an answer for every objection after the first time you hear it, you are doing yourself a disservice.
    7. To skip straight to closing and what your doing wrong, head down to the bottom of the page (Why aren’t you closing?). For tips and advice on how to get more closing opportunities and tighten your game, please read on.

    The basic example for a purchased lead opt-in warm call.

    Mr.J-Hello Mr.Client?

    client-Yes, who is this?

    Mr.J- This is Mr.J with generic company, We (insert direct value statement)

    Client- I’m angry! I don’t want any! I’ve been getting calls off the hook! I’m unreasonable!

    Mr.J- I’m not a telemarketer, I am a ( job description), HAVE OTHER PEOPLE BEEN CALLING YOU?(engagement)

    Client- Oh goodness yes, I’m sorry.

    Mr.J- No problem, lets take care of that issue, I’ll explain how to avoid unwanted calls, then I can help you with your request.

    Learn To Love Objections

    The objections you encounter are the most sure and solid part of being a sales Professional. If you master objection responses you will succeed in getting presentations. Keep in mind that even a poor method with consistency will gain you opportunities. However, you should always be improving your skills. If there is one thing you should hold fast to when it comes to objections, find a catch all thing to say to general situations. Assume that everyone is lying to get you off the phone or to avoid you, Also assume that the reason they are upset has only two main causes.

    The reasons they don’t like you

    1.They know they are easy to sell and know that you will convince them to sign on the line which is dotted

    1. They’ve been bothered by other salesmen.

    The key in this example is ; Have Other People Been Calling you?

    If you Implement that simple question into your phone prospecting script, you will see a massive increase in customer reception.

    But your problem isn’t getting someone on the phone or getting someone to hold their door open for you. You already know that it’s a numbers game and even the worst speaker and most unprepared bumbler will eventually make the sale. The reason we Stress efficiency and a personal disconnect is to improve your number of closing opportunities and stop you from destroying your self confidence.

    If you don’t have the same conversation with five or ten catch-all objection responses, then you may suffer from anxiety.

    We want you to pick up that phone, and say the same thing to everyone. No side tracking, No Taking it personal, No Small Talk. Straight to the point and ignoring their Particular responses.

    This is an example of what we mean by a catch-all response and implementing it.

    We already know that they will say Yes if this is a shared lead.

    We know that they will complain, we know that we can use this response to separate ourselves from the rest, we know we have a solution to this problem. We know how they will react and we have enough experience to go from point A to point B and Close.

    Quit calling me!- Have other people been calling you?

    I don’t have time- Have other people been calling you?

    I already have it taken care of- Have other people been calling you?

    I didn’t request anything- Have other people been calling you?

    I’m not interested- Have other people been calling you?

    Wrong number- Have other people been calling you?

    She/he’s not here- Have other people been calling you?

    Why Aren’t You Closing?

    Your problem is that you aren’t getting a solid yes or no.

    The most common reason for this is because most salesmen are trained in office to be “buddy buddy” with clients. The first thing you need to realize is that you aren’t in the friend making business, you are in the sales business.

    1. Are you joking with your prospects?
    2. Are you acting like you know them when you don’t?
    3. Are you small talking about your personal life or the personal lives of clients?

    If you said yes to any of that, no wonder you didn’t close this sale.

    The fatal idea of sub-par sales is that being professional chases away customers.

    To the contrary, professionalization qualifies your customers.

    You don’t want price buyers, complainers Or remorseful buyers.

    What you want is big sales, big contracts, big buyers with money and friends who have money.

    The reason you aren’t getting those huge sales everyday is because your wasting time trying to make friends.

    I make sales,

    My clients go out and make friends,

    And they’re friends become my sales.

    The rich want to buy from professionals.

    The poor and double minded want to be your friend, don’t do it.

    One More Thing,

    Go look up Dave Yoho’s version of the “Columbo Close”

    If you follow that exactly as described, you will close sales.

    \Pro Tip* Don’t do free customer service if you work a commission only position, they have a customer service number they can call. Don’t waste time retaining customers that can’t come to terms with your product being the best that ever existed. Always Be Closing.*

    Feel free to reach out to us personally and we’ll do our best to respond in a timely fashion to your questions and concerns.

    Stay Bold Forever, My Friend.

    For those who refuse to be less than what they choose to be,

    There is no compromise, There is no backing down,

    There are No Middle Grounds,

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